…but God – Running The Race July 2019

We are “Running The Race” in Kenya for the second time this year. This is an entirely new group which is exciting and a little bit nerve wracking. I have all the confidence in the team and I am eager to see how God will use us to serve others on this trip. Tyler and I are currently in route to London and then arrive in Nairobi late Friday night. Amy will join us Sunday morning. We will also have 2 PT’s who are currently in Kenya and will meet us mid-week to help with clinic. I will detail the events of the week as they come.

On the flight from Chicago to London I was reflecting on faith and its antonym, self reliance, in Mark 9:14-29. (We had studied this recently in church.) It seems appropriate to ponder as we are going with a new team into unfamiliar territory to serve others as God’s representatives. Just like the disciples in this passage self reliance is a hindrance to any ministry. The “independent, self sufficient” attitude that is drilled into all of us really demonstrates a lack of faith.

I often hear athletes say “I can do this!” when they are met with a challenge. The confidence and desire to achieve is commendable but there is a disconnect with the ultimate source of power. That disconnect leads to pride or frustration. Although we may go with good intentions we lack power and have a fruitless ministry if we are disconnected from God.

As Jesus said, “Anything is possible for those who believe.” We need help just like the father in this passage expressed…”help my unbelief.” What we lack, He has and He will supply it abundantly. It is difficult in our culture today but we have to admit our weakness and ask for help. Our faith is demonstrated in the prayer…”Father help my unbelief.” I can’t do this without you.


Fruitful ministry is carried out with an attitude of submission and faith, not self reliance. He goes before us and empowers us through the Holy Spirit to carry out the good works he has prepared beforehand. Please pray with us this week that we would be connected to Him with an attitude of faith and humility as we go forth each day.


Late breaking news: We arrived safely in Nairobi late last night and we are very tired. A soft bed feels like heaven after 24 hours of traveling. I had a brief tussle with customs who wanted to tax the first aid supplies we brought to give to local coaches. When I questioned the need for a tax on donated items that have no real value several other customs officials came over and they called me a “bad guy.” For a moment I was worried they might detain us. But God provided and they let me go with the supplies. I hope there are a lot more “but God” moments on this trip.

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