Finishing Strong…

Our study of Galatians ended tonight with Moses leading us. He asked us to share one thing we were grateful to God for this week. I couldn’t be limited to just one. Here is my list…

The people we shared life with this week. Patients and coaches we prayed with, the staff at Too Guesthouse that takes such good care of us, our ministry partners, and new friendships developed amongst our team. God connected us as a team and in meaningful ways with our patients. He directed our steps the whole week.

A run with my friend Mike from Kapsowar.

The connection with Angela Cheriyout who attended our first sports medicine workshop during our first trip in 2018 and has now returned to Iten. She has a Masters degree in sports nutrition and did a fellowship with the IOC. She was a great addition to the team the past 2 days.

AMSSM and their support of our ministry. Check out their latest e-blast.

Simon and our partnership with Life ministries, (Cru in Africa), and Global church movement.

Partnership with Paul Newman and AIA for pre-trip training.

Moses, Marlon and Benjamin with FCA Kenya. Through their efforts we will return for more clinics in Eldoret.

Dr. Castro Mugalla’s humble and gracious service to his patients and us.

Dr. Wechuli’s support and friendship in partnering with Kabarak University Family Medicine and his diplomacy in discussions with the county.

God’s favor with the county officials

Tracking down Tyler’s lost passport. Tyler left his bag with passport in the car today. The driver sped off and I thought Tyler might be staying in Kenya for longer than expected. Ken’s quick thinking saved the day. He and Tyler jumped on a boda boda and chase the car 7 miles before finally getting his bag and passport.

Tyler’s daily coke habit.

An amazing team of patient, compassionate and skilled individuals that finished the week

strong. We had 15 patients in our last clinic this afternoon. This is a Running The Race team record for a Friday afternoon.

That Amy and Tyler said yes to my invitation to come to Kenya. This trip would not have happened without them.

That Sherri and Ken could join us for part of the week. They gave us renewed strength in the middle of the week.

The encouragement of a few return patients from our trip in January who had recovered and trusted us enough to come back for more treatment.

That God used us as vessel to show His love and care for those athletes who were struggling for food or to provide for their families.

We were able to treat over 100 patients this week who were otherwise not able to afford care.

With God’s help we finished strong.

Galatians 6:9

Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.

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