On to Iten

Amy had a brief hiccup with her arrival to Nairobi delayed 2 hours but she was still able to get a brief respite at Amani Gardens before we had to leave for Eldoret. We are still a partial team. Sherri and Ken are PT’s that will join us in Iten on Wednesday.

On the road from Eldoret to Iten Amy and Tyler were introduced to the massive Kenyan speed bumps, a brief taste of Kenyan drivers, Crown Paint ads everywhere, and scaffolding made of wooden logs 5-6 stories high, (not “OSHA” approved).

We enjoyed our first “team” meal and devotions in Galatians 1. Tyler had a very practical explanation of the crisis facing the Galatian church that involved red and green tractors. He can tell you about it. He also had a “welcome to Iten” lukewarm/cold shower. Although it doesn’t really count unless you have a cold shower start to finish. Everyone needs to have the full experience.

Please pray for our clinic tomorrow and our preparations for the coach/athlete workshop in Eldoret on Tuesday.

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